Companies | Business taxi transport to Schiphol Airport

Business taxi transport to Schiphol Airport

We often drive with our taxi service guests and/or personnel of different companies. For instance, both from the company or hotel and from Schiphol Airport. In this case, their “airport taxi” service is already ready to bring the customers to their destination – company or hotel – often with a name-plate at the meeting point or at the gate. Abroad, these people are used to this kind of service.

Extra luxurious Schipholtaxis for companies – VIP or Limo service

Next to our standard Schiphol taxi service, we also offer business taxis – VIP or Limo taxi service to Schiphol Airport. You can find there all sorts of luxurious business taxis to and from Schiphol – VIP and Limo Schiphol taxis. We have at our disposal the most beautiful limousine taxis, with an outstanding taxi service.

Several payment options

We offer companies the chance to pay their taxi ride by credit card or by invoice, at the expense of the company if you don’t want your customer to pay the bill by himself. The amount due to pay can be transferred also from abroad, so that you have everything well set for your customer.

Schipholtaxi with TX-Hallmark possible

There is no national taxi quality mark required for our special Schipholtaxi VIP transport. But if you wish to have at your disposal a quality marked taxi, that can be arranged without any trouble – we have plenty of drivers in our database who possess such a hallmark.

Private driver services are also possible with us

You can also request to have a private driver service – we have at our disposal a number of extremely experienced and highly skilled drivers, some of them also with special training in customer care.

For arranging business trips – affordable and yet with quality – we are your partner. We offer you all types of taxi transport. The choice is all yours.