Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Taxivans

Schiphol taxi vans, good and cheap

For a Cheap Schiphol Airport taxi van you have come to the correct address. We offer transport with cheap Schiphol taxi vans at a cheap fixed price. Whether you need the Schiphol taxi van at a late hour in the night or during the rush-hour, the price is always fixed from the very beginning! The advantage with our Schiphol taxivan service is that we don’t drive using a taximeter, but with a predetermined kilometre price, that you can reckon via our website.

We offer a cheap Schiphol taxi van service to and from Schiphol Airport with 6 and 8 person vans from across Europe, at a low fixed fare. Of course, we drive with our Schiphol taxi vans, upon request, to any other cities or airports throughout Europe.

Vito Combi Luxe taxi bus

Different types of Schiphol taxivans

Our Schiphol taxi vans are mostly from brands such as Mercedes, Opel or Renault. We make a difference between the 6 and 8 person Schiphol taxi vans prices with which we operate. Depending on the number of passengers, we reckon a price that is usually much cheaper than the prices of a shared taxi transporter, with the difference that with us you are travelling in a personal taxi van, so you don’t share it with complete strangers. You decide at what time our Schiphol taxi van comes to pick you up. After that, we do the rest.

Cheaper than a local taxi company

Local taxi companies are usually more expensive in concern to a Schiphol taxi van, because they charge for the ride according to the number of passengers inside. At the arrivals hall at Schiphol Airport, you can find mainly small personal taxis waiting in the line and no taxi vans at all. If you however find a taxi van in front of Schiphol, it will surely reckon the price on the taximeter and then you end up with paying more money than it is necessary. This because the most taxi companies drive based on a very high bus price.

Luxurious taxi vans for corporates

Companies make use of our Schiphol taxivan service too. For instance, in case of a convention or of a number of business relations that must be transported from Schiphol Airport to the office of the company. We also offer the possibility to wait for the business guests at the gate or at the meeting point inside the airport, with a name-plate. If you need a taxivan for 8 people at once, then we arrange this for you!

Service provided by experienced taxi drivers

All the drivers of our Schiphol taxi vans have years of experience in the field – you can be sure that you will experience a good taxi ride. The drivers are neatly dressed, always willing to help you and they will also consult the navigation system, so that the taxi van reaches the correct location, even if the address is very hard to find.

You’re making the best choice with our Schiphol taxivan service – cheap, correct and professional!