About us

A taxi-control centre by Internet

We are a taxi-control centre that is set up on the Internet and that wants to offer you a cheap taxi to Schiphol Airport – hence the name GoedkoopnaarSchiphol.nl. Our work comes therefore 99% from the WorldWideWeb. We operate completely other taxi rates than most taxi providers do, such as the taxis which are always found at the arrivals hall of Schiphol Airport.

4 persons and more – cheaper than sharing a taxi

We are often much cheaper than Schiphol Travel Taxi (shared taxi) even if you are in a group with more than 4 persons. We have customers from all over the world who have already booked with us their Schipholtaxi since they were abroad. Obviously there is already a car with a driver at Schiphol Airport, ready to drive the customers throughout the Netherlands, for a cheap fixed price.

Choice of different Schipholtaxis, cars and vans

You can order with us the taxi of your choice from and to Schiphol Airport. Thus we have the standard Schiphol Airport taxi – usually a Mercedes E-Class or BMW 5 series. Are you with a group of people or with your family on holiday or business trip and you need Schiphol transport, then you can order your Schiphol taxi van with us – we have them in the execution of 6 and 8 persons.

What we offer is among others:

  • The cars are in decent condition and the drivers are, of course, neatly dressed and have more than 5 years experience.
  • Paying by credit card is also possible.
  • We offer you the possibility to order your Schiphol Airporttaxi online. You can of course reach us by phone too, in case you prefer personal contact with a telephonist.
  • Both corporate and private customers can easily and quickly order a taxi via Internet, without the intervention of a telephonist. Waiting on the phone is past time! Schiphol taxi is your reliable Airporttaxi service throughout the Netherlands
  • You see, our Schiphol taxi service can provide you with various forms of Airport taxi and all this for very competitive fixed prices, so that you already have an idea about what you’re dealing with. We give a true meaning to the words: cheap Schiphol Airport taxi.